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American Flags Burned: The Hidden Agenda Behind Pro-Palestinian Protests

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Daniel Sadan
Yesterday, outside City Hall in Philadelphia, pro-Palestinian protesters burned dozens of American flags and sparked a riot by attacking the police. This alarming incident, taking place on Independence Day, was more than a protest; it was a direct assault on American values. It serves as a stark reminder that foreign adversaries are exploiting identity politics and "peace" movements to destabilize American democracy.
"Mark my words folks, what we are witnessing on American streets today closely resembles the decolonization themes of Franz Fanon and Edward Said, and the Soviet subversion tactics post-WWII."

Yesterday, in a troubling display outside City Hall in Philadelphia, pro-Palestinian protesters burned dozens of American flags, and started a riot by needlessly attacking the police. This act, on our nation's Independence Day, was not just a protest but a clear message: it’s an attack on the very essence of the West and all we've built. This event is a stark reminder that foreign adversaries are interfering with American democracy, using the guise of identity politics, "peace" movements, and "human rights."

Mark my words folks, what we are witnessing on American streets today closely resembles the decolonization themes of Franz Fanon and Edward Said, and the Soviet subversion tactics post-WWII. The Soviets, under the pretense of creating "liberation" movements, sought to destabilize and overthrow West-leaning governments, converting them into communist regimes. Today, the "Free Palestine" and BDS movements echo this strategy, not out of genuine concern for Palestinians, Jews, Islam, or the Middle East, but as part of a broader effort by Russia and China to subvert the West. These powers are using radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and IRGC to galvanize naive progressive Westerners as tools to advance their agenda. Derisively referred to by Soviets as "useful idiots," these well-meaning, but completely ignorant peace activists are in effect taking the opposite actions from their desired effect, and promoting war--war on democracy, war on rational thinking, and war on American freedom.

This isn't some disorganized, organic grassroots movement; it's a calculated operation to destabilize the West resembling what Mao used to stage as organized chaos.

Mao Zedong’s concept of "organized chaos" protests is a relevant historical lens through which to view current events. During the Cultural Revolution, Mao mobilized the masses, particularly the youth, to engage in chaotic and violent demonstrations aimed at purging society of elements deemed counter-revolutionary. These protests were not spontaneous but meticulously orchestrated to create disorder, destabilize existing power structures, and consolidate Mao’s control.

The essence of these organized chaos protests was to use mass mobilization as a tool to achieve political ends. Mao’s tactics involved exploiting the fervor and idealism of young people, turning them into instruments of his political strategy. The chaos created by these movements served multiple purposes: it eliminated Mao’s political rivals, instilled fear, and demonstrated his absolute power.

In today's context, similar strategies can be observed where protests and movements, often framed as grassroots and spontaneous, may be carefully orchestrated by those with vested interests in creating instability. These modern movements can be manipulated by foreign adversaries or domestic actors with the goal of disrupting societal order and weakening democratic institutions. By creating a perpetual state of conflict and division, these organized chaos tactics aim to undermine the foundations of a stable and cohesive society.

Understanding Mao’s use of organized chaos helps us see how modern movements might be co-opted or manipulated to serve broader geopolitical strategies. It reminds us that not all protests are purely organic or driven by genuine grassroots concerns. Some may be the product of deliberate efforts to create disorder, weaken national unity, and advance specific political agendas. Recognizing these tactics is crucial for maintaining vigilance and protecting democratic institutions from subversive threats.

If we don't remain vigilant, we risk losing our hard-won democracy, which so many have fought and died to protect. The irony is thick: on a day meant to celebrate our freedom, we witnessed an attack on it. The ignorance among progressives is astonishing, though not all are ignorant. Some are part of the Islamist-Marxist machine aiming to destroy our country.

We must recognize this threat for what it is and stand united against those who seek to undermine our values and freedoms. Only by acknowledging the true nature of these movements can we protect our democracy and ensure that the sacrifices of those who came before us were not in vain.

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Daniel Sadan is an American businessman and President of Sadan Global in Gaithersburg, MD. Daniel's recent ventures include a major international sports deal, and the development of two TV series, one being a sports documentary, and the other an epic new project with comparables such as "Game of Thrones," "Homeland," and "The Last Samurai". Daniel brings a unique blend of strategic insight and cultural awareness to his projects, as well as a clear vision, creativity, and a strong grasp of all the arts involved in filmmaking.

Whether negotiating complex deals or developing engaging media content, Daniel's commitment to excellence guides his decision-making, always keeping the customer's business requirements firmly in mind.

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