Daniel Sadan Presents:

Live Event Series

American Main Street.

Join us as we embark on this journey, celebrating the stories, the people, and the moments that connect us. Whether you're tuning in from a bustling city or a quiet country lane, there's a place for you here on "American Main Street." Together, let's discover the common ground that reminds us, despite our differences, we're all part of the same story.

Red Flag Relationships.

Mark your calendars for this transformative series, starting on a specified date and location, with options for both in-person attendance and online streaming. Detailed information is available on our web site, and we invite you to connect with our vibrant community through social media. Share your journey, learn from others, and be part of the movement towards building safer, healthier relationships. "Red Flag Relationships" is not just a series; it's a step towards understanding and change, one relationship at a time.

Arabian Nights

Join us as we explore the heart and soul of the Middle East, celebrating its rich heritage while amplifying the diverse voices that shape its present and future. This is more than just a podcast; it's a bridge connecting the ancient to the modern, the sands to the stars, the tales of old to the voices of today.

Stars of Bharat

Join us for a mesmerizing journey through the heart of India with "Stars of Bharat: Land of Legends" a live event that celebrates the extraordinary tales of India's people. From the unsung heroes who've shaped the nation's destiny in quiet corners of the land to the revolutionary minds whose ideas have propelled India onto the global stage, this show captures the ethos, culture, and resilience of one of the world's oldest and most diverse civilizations.

House of War.

At Daniel Sadan Presents, we are dedicated to bringing to the forefront the most pressing and intricate issues surrounding the Middle East, with a particular focus on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Through our dynamic live event series, we aim to provide a platform for deep, insightful discussions that challenge conventional narratives and foster a greater understanding of the complexities of geopolitics, history, culture, and religion in this region.

Daniel Sadan

Host & Producer of live, weekly Twitter space events and podcasts. Started covering geopolitics of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, history, religion, culture, and now I'm doing American  culture & trending topics.  On Twitter @RealDanSadan.
Decades of experience as a human being, and now podcasting what I know.