The Big Lie:

The Palestinian Origin Story

Event Description:

"The Big Lie: The Palestinian Origin Story" is an enlightening live event series designed to delve into the complex narratives surrounding Palestinian history and identity, land disputes, allegations of apartheid, and claims of genocide and ethnic cleansing in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through a series of talks, panel discussions, and expert analysis, this series aims to uncover the layers of misinformation and historical distortions that have fueled one of the most protracted and divisive conflicts in modern history.

Each session in the series will focus on a specific theme, critically examining the origins and impacts of Soviet-era propaganda in regard to the modern-day invention of a "Palestinian People" and the as-of-yet nonexistent state of "Palestine". We will dissect Palestinian claims of land theft, allegations of Israeli apartheid, and accusations by Palestinian activists of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The series will provide a platform for subject matter experts to contribute nuanced explanations of these contentious issues that underpin the entire Palestinian raison d'être for the conflict.

We will explore the role of Soviet propaganda in shaping early narratives about Palestinian indigeneity and identity, tracing how these narratives have influenced perceptions of the conflict in the West.

We will review Middle Eastern history, land rights, and international law to dissect Palestinian allegations of land theft, examining historical land ownership patterns, population movements, and legal frameworks governing land use in the region.

We will discuss the apartheid analogy, comparing the legal definitions and historical contexts of apartheid to the situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Is there apartheid present, and if so, is it within Israel, or is it within the Palestinian territories?

We will clarify the definitions of genocide and ethnic cleansing, critically analyzing the evidence surrounding such allegations in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, as well as the more recent Israel-Hamas War in Gaza.

Lastly, we will explore how competing narratives and historical interpretations have influenced peace efforts, examining paths forward that acknowledge the complexities and nuances of the conflict. Have those who have historically been associated with the peace movement (such as the left wing in Israel, Europe, and the US) been contributing to actual peace, or have they been interfering with peace efforts by right wing conservatives? Who has accomplished more in their quest for peace, the left or the right wing? Lastly, is there a solution for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and if so, what is it?

"The Big Lie: The Palestinian Origin Story" promises to be an eye-opening series for anyone interested in understanding the deep-rooted issues at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict beyond the headlines. It offers a rare opportunity to confront and critically examine the narratives that have long shaped perceptions and policies related to the conflict, fostering a more informed and nuanced dialogue that is essential for moving towards resolution and peace.

Additional Information:

Please note, this is a live event series, and the forum is a Twitter space with speakers on video and the discussion being broadcasted to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Participating speakers will be able to stream the event to their own social media channels  as well. Audience members will be able to comment and ask questions by posting their comments on various social media platforms, or by direct messaging our staff on Twitter during the event. Appropriate audience questions or comments will be posted live onscreen for our speaker panel to address in real-time.

This event will be moderated in order to endeavor to provide a safe, hate-free forum for learning and education purposes about the Middle East.

Join us as we stand together against discrimination and hate, empowering Jews worldwide to come together in this critical time of need. This event welcomes individuals of all backgrounds who are committed to truthful dialogue that supports our goal of combating discrimination and promoting understanding and solidarity within our respective communities.

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