Red Flag Relationships

A live event series.


"Red Flag Relationships" is a groundbreaking live show series experience dedicated to uncovering the complexities of problematic relationships in various aspects of our lives. This series is your guide to recognizing and dealing with the nuanced challenges posed by unhealthy dynamics, whether at work, home, among friends, during dates, or within marriages.

From one episode to the next, you'll be introduced to the myriad forms of troubled relationships, from the subtle undercurrents of discomfort to the more overt signs of toxicity. The journey begins with an exploration of the warning signs—those red flags that often go unnoticed until the damage is already done. But recognizing these signs is just the first step; our series is committed to providing practical strategies for navigating and resolving these challenges.

From the competitive tension of professional environments and the intimate intricacies of domestic life to the casual yet complex dynamics of friendships and the modern trials of dating, no stone will be left unturned. We'll also delve into the legal ramifications of troubled relationships, touching on how they can impact business, divorce, child custody, and personal finances. Furthermore, the series will address the critical issues of personal safety, mental health, and the peculiar bind of codependent relationships, offering guidance on how to foster healthier interactions and personal growth.

"Red Flag Relationships" promises an engaging format that blends expert insights with real-life stories. Featuring psychologists, legal experts, survivors, and advocates, each episode is designed to enlighten, educate, and empower. Our interactive Q&A sessions will allow you, the audience, to share your experiences, seek advice, and contribute to a community of support and understanding.

Whether you're directly facing the challenges of a problematic relationship, interested in improving your understanding of these dynamics, or keen on supporting others through their journey, this series is an invaluable resource. Join us as we navigate the troubled waters of relationships together, aiming for a horizon of healthier interactions and mutual growth.

Mark your calendars for this transformative series, starting on a specified date and location, with options for both in-person attendance and online streaming. Detailed information is available on our web site, and we invite you to connect with our vibrant community through social media. Share your journey, learn from others, and be part of the movement towards building safer, healthier relationships. "Red Flag Relationships" is not just a series; it's a step towards understanding and change, one relationship at a time.

Please note, this is a live event series, and the forum is a Twitter space with speakers on video and the discussion being broadcasted to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Participating speakers will be able to stream the event to their own social media channels  as well. Audience members will be able to comment and ask questions by posting their comments on various social media platforms, or by direct messaging our staff on Twitter during the event. Appropriate audience questions or comments will be posted live onscreen for our speaker panel to address in real-time.

This event will be moderated in order to endeavor to provide a safe, hate-free forum for learning and education purposes about real life relationship management.

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