House of War:

The Brotherhood

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"House of War: The Brotherhood," is a compelling weekly documentary series presented by Daniel Sadan. The series delves into the historical and contemporary influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization of Hamas), formed in Egypt in March 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. Initially founded to instill Islamic morals and societal reform, the Brotherhood has evolved into a dangerous, shadowy political entity with vast global aspirations to create a worldwide caliphate.

Each episode investigates the Brotherhood's complex network of grassroots political movements, including affiliations with well-known organizations and notable individuals. The series explores connections with entities like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), which has faced accusations of ties to the Brotherhood, though CAIR has consistently denied such allegations. The show also examines the involvement of political figures such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, members of The Squad in U.S. politics, discussing controversies regarding their links to the Brotherhood and Hamas.

Additionally, the series features discussions on the influence of intellectuals like Edward Said, who has been a pivotal figure in Middle Eastern studies, though not directly connected to the Brotherhood but relevant for understanding the ideological battles in the region. The narrative extends to student and youth movements such as SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) and FJP (Faculty for Justice in Palestine), and their chaotic, violent influence over academia.

To expose the dark truth behind these organizations, we will examine the work of Founder of SJP, and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Dr. Hatem Bazian, as well as the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies for Columbia University Rashid Khalidi whose writings reveal an anti-American perspective that is pervasive within their movement. Our show will examine the connection between this radical Islamic movement in the USA, and its ties to the American liberal wing, as in Khalidi's close connection with Barack Obama, as well as Obama's connection with hate monger Louis Farrakhan.

Expert interviews, and in-depth analyses will be utilized to provide a balanced perspective on these associations and their impacts on Western and Middle Eastern societies, as well as on US and European foreign policy. "House of War: The Brotherhood" aims to provide a comprehensive examination of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy, influence, and the significant controversy surrounding its operations and affiliations, offering viewers a detailed understanding of its enduring impact on global politics, and the inherent dangers of allowing the Brotherhood's ideology to infect American culture as it has so successfully done over the last two decades.

Additional Information:

Please note, this is a live event series, and the forum is a Twitter space with speakers on video and the discussion being broadcasted to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Participating speakers will be able to stream the event to their own social media channels  as well. Audience members will be able to comment and ask questions by posting their comments on various social media platforms, or by direct messaging our staff on Twitter during the event. Appropriate audience questions or comments will be posted live onscreen for our speaker panel to address in real-time.

This event will be moderated in order to endeavor to provide a safe, hate-free forum for learning and education purposes about the Middle East.

Join us as we stand together against discrimination and hate, empowering people worldwide to come together in this critical time of need. This event welcomes individuals of all backgrounds who are committed to truthful dialogue that supports our goal of combating discrimination and promoting understanding and solidarity within our respective communities.

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