House of War:

Conversations with Gen-Z

Event Description:

"House of War: Conversations with Gen-Z" is a groundbreaking event series designed to delve into the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, a topic that has stirred significant animosity and heated debates across the globe, particularly among the Gen-Z population. This event aims to go beyond the surface-level discussions and explore the deep-rooted issues that fuel the conflict, shedding light on the historical, legal, cultural, religious, and geopolitical dimensions that shape the narratives of both Israelis and Palestinians.

During this live event series, we will open the floor to the voices of Gen-Z, a generation known for its activism and social media prowess, to understand their perspectives and the sources of their strong (primarily negative) feelings towards Jews, Israelis, and the State of Israel. Our panel will include a diverse group of speakers who will provide a comprehensive overview of the conflict from all angles.

The series will cover the historical context of the conflict, tracing its origins as far back as thousands of years in order to shed light on the claims and grievances of both sides. We will also examine international law, treaties, and resolutions that have attempted to address the conflict, as well as cultural and religious aspects of the Middle East. 

Understanding how cultural identity and religious beliefs have influenced the perspectives and actions of the involved parties is crucial for attaining a correct perspective of the source of hostilities between the various parties involved in this holy war. There are those who believe this is a simple matter of political disagreement, but to interpret the conflict as such would be to greatly misunderstand the nature of the Middle East.

Discussing the security challenges faced by both Israelis and Palestinians and the impact of the conflict on regional stability will play a part in our geopolitical analysis of the evolving situation on the ground. We will explore national security and economic interests affecting the progression of the conflict as well as the various recent peace initiatives in which the prospects for economic cooperation has served as a pathway towards peace.

"House of War: Conversations with Gen-Z" promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking live event series that moves beyond empty BDS slogans and biased narratives of the BDS Movement, and focuses on constructive dialogue that respects the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and encourages a deeper understanding of the facts among the younger generation of future leaders. Join us for this important conversation and be part of the effort to bridge divides and seek new pathways to peace.

Additional Information:

Please note, this is a live event series, and the forum is a Twitter space with speakers on video and the discussion being broadcasted to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Participating speakers will be able to stream the event to their own social media channels  as well. Audience members will be able to comment and ask questions by posting their comments on various social media platforms, or by direct messaging our staff on Twitter during the event. Appropriate audience questions or comments will be posted live onscreen for our speaker panel to address in real-time.

For students or speakers under the age of 21, a parental consent form will be required. This event will be moderated in order to endeavor to provide a safe, hate-free forum for learning and education purposes about the Middle East.

Join us as we stand together against discrimination and hate, empowering people worldwide to come together in this critical time of need. This event welcomes individuals of all backgrounds who are committed to truthful dialogue that supports our goal of combating discrimination and promoting understanding and solidarity within our respective communities.

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