American Main Street

A live event series.

American Main Street: The Common Thread

"American Main Street: The Common Thread" is a new type of live event series that celebrates the many faces of American popular culture, weaving through the vibrant threads of entertainment, trending topics, and the essence of everyday life in the United States. From the glitz of filmmaking and the glamour of award shows to the good old fashioned American values of rural towns. We cover the inevitable fervor of modern day political discourse, and ask how we've gotten to this point. This series traverses the expanse of what it means to be American today.

At the heart of "American Main Street" is finding common ground despite our diversity of rich cultures. Do all Americans have something in common? If so what is it, and how can it be defined? It's an exploration into how, amid our differences in opinions, cultures, and backgrounds, there exists a shared narrative—a common thread—that binds us. This thread is our collective love for storytelling, our shared joys and challenges, and our enduring spirit of resilience and community. It's about celebrating the "common man" and discovering "common ground" in places we might least expect.

Each episode of the series is a journey across the variegated landscape of American cultural life. We delve into the world of Hollywood and independent filmmaking, offering behind-the-scenes looks at how our favorite movies are brought to life and how they reflect broader societal themes. We give provide our opinions about recent filmmaking projects, and discuss what we liked best, and what we could have done without. We step onto the red carpet, bringing the latest in celebrity news and fashion, all while peeling back the layers to reveal the human stories beneath the glamour.

Besides the entertainment industry, we venture into the heartlands of rural America, exploring small-town life, local cultures, and the stories that often go untold in the mainstream media. We navigate the tumultuous waters of politics and culture wars, not to deepen divides but to uncover the commonalities that exist even in the most heated debates.

Through lively discussions, interviews, and interactive segments, "American Main Street: The Common Thread" invites viewers from all walks of life to participate. It's a platform for dialogue, understanding, and mutual discovery. So many Americans are apprehensive about the future, thinking how terrible things will be if the "other guys" end up in office. By getting to know one another, and talking things through--something we seem to have forgotten how to do--maybe we can give the other side a chance to demonstrate the merit of their ideas. This series isn't just about observing American culture; it's about actively engaging with it, living it, celebrating our differences, and finding comfort in our similarities.

"American Main Street: The Common Thread" is more than an event series—it's a movement towards bridging gaps and building a community that sees beyond the superficial divides. It's an invitation to all Americans to come together, to laugh, learn, and listen, and to find the common threads that weave us into the vibrant, complex societal fabric that is our America.

Join us as we embark on this journey, celebrating the stories, the people, and the moments that connect us. Whether you're tuning in from a bustling city or a quiet country lane, there's a place for you here on "American Main Street." Together, let's discover the common ground that reminds us, despite our differences, we're all part of the same story.

Please note, this is a live event series, and the forum is a Twitter space with speakers on video and the discussion being broadcasted to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Participating speakers will be able to stream the event to their own social media channels  as well. Audience members will be able to comment and ask questions by posting their comments on various social media platforms, or by direct messaging our staff on Twitter during the event. Appropriate audience questions or comments will be posted live onscreen for our speaker panel to address in real-time.

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