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Daniel Sadan

Executive Producer at Daniel Sadan Presents, hosting live broadcasts, producing podcasts, and writing articles and books. Started by covering the geopolitics of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and now I'm covering American  culture & trending topics.  On Twitter @RealDanSadan.
Decades of experience as a human being, and now broadcasting what I know.


Daniel Sadan is a producer and media company executive based in Gaithersburg, MD, where he operates "Daniel Sadan Presents." This media outlet focuses on creating live event series, articles, podcasts, and filmmaking projects that delve into various societal and geopolitical issues. Sadan is particularly engaged in covering the complexities of the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, through events that encourage deep discussion and understanding of these intricate topics​.

His productions include a variety of thematic events and podcasts such as "American Main Street," which aims to explore and celebrate the shared experiences and values across the US, and "Arabian Nights," which highlights personal stories and cultural insights from the Middle East​. Another notable series, "House of War," addresses the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through discussions with experts and aims to foster a more informed dialogue around the conflict.

Sadan also extends his thematic range to include shows like "Red Flag Relationships" and "Stars of Bharat," which respectively tackle topics on relationship dynamics and celebrate Indian culture and history​​.

Daniel Sadan's work is driven by a commitment to deepen understanding and foster dialogue on critical issues, leveraging his platform to bring together diverse voices and perspectives. His approach not only covers historical contexts and current events but also engages with cultural dialogues intended to bridge community gaps and build awareness on various societal issues​.

For more detailed information and to explore his full range of podcasts and live events, you can visit his official web site at www.DanielSadan.com.

Additional Information:

Daniel was born in Israel in the Jezreel Valley on a kibbutz, and later moved to another kibbutz next to Be'er Sheva in Israel. He grew up among Jews from all over the world, Arab Israeli Bedouin, as well as Palestinians. His kibbutz was part of the Shomer Hat'za'ir kibbutz movement in the Israeli far left wing, dreaming of peace with the Arabs, and a prosperous, secure Israel. His parents were staunch Zionists who loved Israel, and the United States They grew up in New York, and immigrated to Israel to build a new life in their ancestral homeland.

In his teens, Daniel moved to the United States, where he grew up n the Silver Spring, MD area just north of Washington, DC. He excelled in music (playing the French Horn), art (painting and drawing), and sports (track & field and soccer). After receiving scholarships, and full rides to Penn State, Towson, and George Mason, he instead stayed in Maryland, and pursued a double major in Music, and in Studio Art. He graduated with top marks in both high school and college, and was all set to pursue a career in 3D design, animation, graphic design, and web design. After the tech bubble burst in the late 90's, he found himself temping in different jobs to get a sense for what he would like to try next. Eventually, he worked for the DC headquarters of a national builders' association, and found that particular corporate position boring and unchallenging, which led to an exploratory period of trying various gigs and jobs.

Eventually, Daniel opened a marketing company, which he ran for about 15 years along with a couple of other businesses. During this time he developed a deep understanding of branding, marketing, and sales, helping small, medium, and large businesses grow. He moved to Miami Beach a block away from the ocean, and while everything in his life seemed to indicate that he had "arrived," he couldn't help but feel completely miserable. In 2015, he became the unofficial CMO for a multibillion dollar startup which would have set him up for life, but needed to bow out in order to take care of his father who had gotten early onset dementia, and was gradually becoming increasingly ill.

For over decade, starting in 2013, Daniel would take care of his father, at first by flying in from Miami, and eventually full-time along with his mother. The three of them developed an unbreakable bond, and became extremely close until the very end. As Daniel's stress levels grew starting in 2016, and compounded in 2018 following a bad car accident, Daniel ended up in the emergency several times thinking he was having heart attack, but it was just stress. When he finally lost his father he was completely lost, and became severely physically ill. The one thing that pulled him out of it was finding his new mission in life to protect and defend his father's legacy, and his dream of the State of Israel as the world around him became more antisemitic, and antizionist.

At first, Daniel began tweeting responses to counter BDS, jihadi, and Nazi tropes against the Jews. Then, he started holding Twitter spaces, and finally, he pioneered the technology to stream a video to multiple platforms which contained a Twitter space as well as videos of the speakers alongside it. From there, he began hosting large events about the Middle East (with one in October 2023 reaching 70,000 live audience members) with notable politicians, political figures, military experts, former intelligence officers, authors, professors, journalists, influencers, and diplomats.

His current focus as of April 2024 is his podcast and upcoming book, "The Big Lie: The Palestinian Origin Story," as well as "House of War: The Tip of the Spear". Daniel continues to hold live events from time to time on Twitter, and post short clips on social media to educate the American public about the Middle East.

More recently, Daniel Sadan has developed a significant career as a producer and talk show host, focusing largely on geopolitical and cultural issues through various media forms including podcasts, articles, social media content, and live events. His work is centered on fostering understanding and dialogue around complex issues.

Sadan's projects often blend live interaction with in-depth discussion, which is broadcast across multiple platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Events, LinkedIn Events, Twitter Live, and others. His notable series include "American Main Street: The Common Thread," which explores shared American values and experiences, and "Arabian Nights: Ancient Sands, Modern Voices," which delves into personal stories from the Middle East​​.

One of his standout series, "House of War: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," aims to unravel the complexities of this long-standing conflict, providing a platform for diverse perspectives and fostering critical thinking and dialogue among listeners​.Sadan has also engaged in discussions and events that tackle sensitive and critical topics, such as the implications of Zionism, and the geopolitical narratives surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His work in these areas to bring clarity to various issues and challenge prevailing narratives that often dominate mainstream discourse can be seen in his articles at The Times of Israel, as well as his podcasts on Daniel Sadan's YouTube Channel.

Additionally, Sadan's commentary extends to examining the Oslo Accords as well as conventional Western notions about the legal boundaries of Israel, and their impact on Israeli and Palestinian legal and political dynamics, highlighting the challenges of enforcement and integration into domestic legal frameworks. Overall, Sadan's career is marked by a commitment to deepening public understanding of geopolitical issues through accessible and engaging media. His efforts reflect a dedication to truth and the power of informed discussion to foster peace and understanding both in the US, as well as in the Middle East.

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